No country for old shipments EP370 WHAT THE TRUCK?!?


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On today’s episode Dooner and The Dude are talking to Nathan Strang, Flexport’s director ocean trade lane management, about his recent visit to the SoCal ports. We’re over a week into “24/7” terminal operations, yet a new record of 79 container ships at anchor was set Thursday. We’ll hear what Strang learned about the challenges of 24/7.

Adam McDonough, vice president, Truckload-North American Surface Transportation at C.H. Robinson, and his grandpa, Richard McDonough, are here to talk trucking then and now. Did many of the problems the industry faces today start during deregulation?

It’s a family affair as Kingsgate Logistics CEO and partner Jeff Beckham brings his clan on the show and we talk bloodlines and the influence of family in freight.

The Freight Bambino is back to talk trucking and the growth of his ghost cattle company clothing line Bambino Freight Co.

Plus, traffic congestion at NJ port terminals; containers invade SoCal streets and Port of Boston is big ship-ready but will the big ships call it?

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