House of a 1000 Customs Rejects EP368 WHAT THE TRUCK?!?


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On today’s episode Dooner and The Dude are talking to Lauren Beagen, principal and founder of Squall Strategies, about the FMC’s new notice on detention and demurrage.

Brent Orsuga, founder and president of Pinnacle Growth Advisors, has advice for job seekers looking to get a new role and a big salary in supply chain. Should you cash in on the great recession?

Gayle Campbell-Andrus, CEO at Truck Sail Inc., is making trailer side skirts and boat tails designed to improve the aerodynamics and road safety of semi-trailers and straight trucks.

James S. Crowley, creative director at Texas Media Foundry, shows us the art of filming trucks and telling a story with the lens.

Elizabeth Simpkins, regional underwriting officer for Inland Marine Transportation at Travelers, teaches us about contractual risk transfer.

Plus, will freight blimps solve the shipping crisis; semi spills the beers; A&E is bringing back “Shipping Wars”; and more.

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