The Step-By-Step Plan To Quit Your Job: Scott Stockdale


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A 3 year plan for quitting your job and becoming a Digital Nomad
Learn the exact steps Scott took to leap from full-time employment, to full-time freelance and location independence.
Scott Stockdale is a freelance writer with >1m views on his articles. He’s taught hundreds of students how to make money on Medium through his online courses and even has a Top 10 Rated Apple Podcast!

Key Takeaways:

  • Negotiating flexible work terms with your boss
  • How to make passive income writing on medium
  • Practical tips for setting boundaries with your freelance clients
  • Mindsets for freelance success
  • Preparing to become a digital nomad

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Sam Laliberte - entrepreneur, digital nomad and freedom seeker, hosts the Freedom Lifestyle Podcast to expose people to the many ways you can design your dream life and unlock your own version of the freedom lifestyle. Her guests have empowered themselves through flexible work as a way to “have it all” - financial, location AND schedule freedom.

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