130: Day in the Life of a Podcast Episode and How I Prepare for Guests


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Consistently creating high-quality content can be challenging. To practice what I call ongoing original public thinking, I am often brainstorming how to make the processes involved as smooth, simple, and searchable as possible. This episode originally aired as a Loom video for the private BFF community, where I walked through my Notion podcast production dashboard and content calendar. Here’s what I have learned (and optimized!) in these last seven years of podcasting. You can also watch the video walkthrough of this episode here.

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🌟3 Key Takeaways:

  • Use Amazon’s advanced search feature to find books that will be releasing in the next few months, when authors are most likely to say yes to interview requests.
  • Create specific templates in your project management system for the different types of content you create so your team knows exactly what information to collect.
  • If you use Riverside.fm: Create one recording studio or room for podcast conversations, so you don’t need to create a new event every time you record; just send a link to the permanent one. Even better? Turn that into a bit.ly or a vanity URL that redirects from your domain (i.e. yourdomain.com/riverside)

📝Permission: Stop tediously typing up notes! Use voice dictation, iOS’s Live Text feature, and Your Kindle Highlights to copy and paste key takeaways from books and articles more easily.

✅Do (or Delegate) This Next: Set up Readwise.io with a connection to import your Kindle highlights if you haven’t already! If you are a Notion’er, set up a Readwise export of those highlights to a Library database.

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