101. The Importance of True Friendship and How Your Circle Can Impact Your Body Image with Blake Blankenbecler


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In today’s episode, I am joined by Blake Blankenbecler, a psychodynamic therapist, who specializes in anxiety, trauma, and eating disorders. She works with people to navigate adult friendships and how to show up as a better and more authentic friend.

During our conversation, Blake shares why social structures and the education system impact the way we make friends as adults, why in a post-covid world we tend to be more hyper-aware and awkward, the idea of the “liking gap,” and how to create a safe space to eat what you want.

In this episode, we cover:

  • Blake shares her journey into private practice and a focus on friendships [3:48]
  • What makes it hard to make friends as adults? [6:47]
  • The “Liking Gap”: the connection between social anxiety, self-esteem, and COVID [10:03]
  • How eating in social settings impacts our food choices and self-image [15:37]
  • Practical ways to reframe your mindset and the way you view your body [20:42]
  • Allowing people to see the deeper layers of yourself and your friends [25:31]
  • Creating safe spaces for yourself to eat in social spaces [30:48]
  • What Blake has planned for the future [34:47]

Connect with Blake:

Website: blakeblankenbecler.com

IG: @blakeblankenbecler

Tiktok: @blakeblankenbecler.lpc

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