Selecting Medication for Depression: Do Genomics Matter? - Frankly Speaking Ep 304


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Overview: Pharmacogenomic testing has been suggested as a way to personalize medicine, particularly where the metabolism of medications can vary significantly. Unfortunately, despite increasing use of this testing, there has been little evidence showing a benefit in clinical outcomes. Listen to this podcast to explore the data on clinical outcomes for pharmacogenetic testing and how to best select medication for patients with depression.

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  • Oslin DW, Lynch KG, Shih MC, et al. Effect of Pharmacogenomic Testing for Drug-Gene Interactions on Medication Selection and Remission of Symptoms in Major Depressive Disorder: The PRIME Care Randomized Clinical Trial. JAMA. 2022;328(2):151-161.

Guest: Alan Ehrlich MD, FAAFP Music Credit: Richard Onorato

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