Straight Fire w/ Jason McIntyre - T'Wolves are Going for It with Gobert, Why NBA Draft Picks are Overrated + Actor/Singer Leon


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On today’s special 4th of July episode, Jason kicks things off with a few thoughts on blockbuster trade that saw the Utah Jazz send big man Rudy Gobert to the Minnesota Timberwolves. Folks around the NBA insist that the Jazz 'won' the trade since they got 4 first round picks in the deal, but J-Mac argues that Minnesota deserves credit for pushing all in in hopes of cracking the top-4 of the Western Conference; the T'Wolves should be one of the top teams in the West during the regular season, and given the franchise's history of mediocrity, any type of postseason run should be viewed as a home run. Moreover, have you seen what the Jazz roster looks like these days? Gross. They're more likely to trade Donovan Mitchell and start tanking their way to the bottom than they are to make the playoffs next season. Later, actor/singer Leon swings by to discuss why some cast members on the set of the hoops classic ‘Above the Rim’ were jealous of his wardrobe, what it was like playing pickup with Michael Jordan back in college, how Kevin Durant’s trade demand out of Brooklyn could impact the rest of the NBA moving forward, why it was such a big mistake for Durant to leave the Golden State Warriors, how Jordan’s Bulls would have fared against the Durant-Steph Curry Warriors, and much more!

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