S1E6 Creating a capital raising platform that raised $75M with CTO cofounder Deji Jimoh


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Deji Jimoh is a software development specialist, the CTO, and co-founder of WealthBlock AI- a comprehensive end-to-end capital raising platform that targets three demographics of capital raisers: traditional broker, Venture Captial, and PE firms, and the crowdfunding space.

Deji was born in Nigeria and migrated to Boston, Massachusetts when he was about one year old up until high school. He moved to St. Louis, Missouri and studied at the Washington University, and graduated with a degree in Computer Science and Engineering.

In 2016, Deji was a finalist of ITA Citylight’s “Technologist of the Year” award, and today, he has developed 47 independent platforms in the SaaS-B2B market.

In this episode, we talked about:

⦁ About WealthBlock AI

⦁ Start-up of WealthBlock AI

⦁ What is blockchain technology?

⦁ Did blockchain enable platform vs. digitalizing private capital markets?

⦁ Great funding advice to kick-start a business

⦁ The difficulties when starting up a business

⦁ Business during COVID

⦁ Our story of trial and error

⦁ Avail 50% off WealthBlock AI

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