PRE-RELEASE: Loren Jeffries - A Native Elder on Ancient Mysteries (Pt. 1 of 2)


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This is a pre-release. All show notes will come when it is officially out on the video platforms. Recorded: 9 December 2021 Here you can get the book: Errata: It sounds like I'm saying Columbus and his brother sold this map to the king of Portugal. Not so; the king of Portugal obtained the map from Nicolo Conti some thirty years before Christibol Colon was born. When Bartholomew went to work in the map-making office of Henry the Navigator, he became aware of the map, and he and his brother concocted a scheme, by which they would reconfigure the map, making the African Continent much larger to discourage the idea of sailing East, and using this to obtain financing for a voyage West. Whether he approached other monarchs beside Isabella and Ferdinand is unknown to me, but Spain bought into this scheme. - Loren

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