38. Grief Yoga with Page Park


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Grief yoga is a form of yoga but is also a little different. Grief yoga can help you lean into feelings that come along with events in your life that can feel painful and sad. It meets you where you're at to help you feel safe and secure, give you a sense of belonging, and help you learn to express your grief in a healthy way.

Today’s guest is Page Park. Her grief journey began with her divorce, followed by the death of both of her parents, and then the death of her brother, all within a relatively short time span. Understandably, she experienced a lot of grief, and had waves of emotions. During this time, she felt alone. She didn’t resonate with support groups. But it was through yoga that she was able to integrate her grieving feelings into who she is, so that when feelings of grief would come, she knew what to do and how to be with them.

If you have ever struggled with grief at any point in your life, this might be the thing the helps you move through it. Tune in to learn more!

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