33. Anxiety & the Chakras with Savannah Blake


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Savannah Blake teaches meditation and energy work through yogic and vedic practices, specifically aimed at those with anxiety. She spent most of her life frozen in fear, to the point where she barely spoke until she was into her 20s and has dedicated the last 10 years to healing herself of this hurdle. She now helps others do the same through chakra work, energy practices, and lifestyle changes.

If you suffer from anxiety yourself, or if you have someone in your life that does, this episode may help bring some things to light. We talk about different kinds of anxiety, what some of the triggers might be, and what chakras are tied to it.

And don’t worry if you aren’t familiar with the chakra system. Savannah explains it all and breaks it down into easy to digest information. Tune in to learn more!

Five key takeaways from this episode:

  1. Anxiety is our body’s alarm system that something is wrong. It doesn’t tell you WHAT is wrong, although sometimes you may get some hints, so try to listen to where you are feeling the anxiety in your body to see if that helps.
  2. In some cases, anxiety may be related to something outside of you, such as a food allergy. This can be diagnosed by a doctor or by doing an elimination diet. Any allergy CAN cause anxiety because it’s your body letting you know that something is off.
  3. If you are feeling anxious, try unplugging once in a while. We live in a state of constant activity and our minds can’t differentiate between different kinds of stress. Anxiety can even be caused by watching something on your phone. By taking time to step away from it all, you give your nervous system a chance to return to homeostasis.
  4. The chakra system is made up of energy centers located in your body, usually along the spine. While there are many chakras, we focus on 7 of them. There are 3 physical chakras, 3 spiritual chakras, and the heart chakra in the center, which connects them. Our chakras connect our physical bodies to our energetic aura, so each chakra is attributed to different parts of our bodies.
  5. There are three chakras that are tied to anxiety. They are:
  • The root chakra, which is associated with basic needs.
  • The solar plexus chakra, which is associated with success and confidence.
  • The throat chakra, which is associated with self-expression.

If you are feeling anxiety in any of these areas, or if you feel blocked, experiment with different modalities such as meditation, to see if any of them work to alleviate your anxiety. Once you identify the block, you can rework it.

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