The Wedding Connoisseur - How To Throw A Dope Party With Aaron James


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Jess and Rach sit down on the newly-dubbed Burnout Couch with Aaron James (the only DJ who is worth a damn) to talk about all things wedding party! Before Aaron shows up the girls catch up on the past 2 weeks without each other. Rach shares a stupid fight of the week, and Jess and Josh do some bonding over fashion advice. How would you dress your significant other if you had full control? The girls are approaching the busiest season on their careers, but are so stoked to have Aaron - the Wedding Connoisseur - on the pod to breathe life into this episode.
Aaron gives his tips on how to throw a great wedding party (other than hiring him and San, of course), and the girls pick his brain on all things DJ. We hear some wedding vendor horror stories, his take on line dances, playing oldies, and his general approach to making sure his couples have a kick ass time at their weddings. You even get his perspective on Jess and Joe's wild wedding party! This is a great listen for anyone wedding planning, or just anyone who loves to cut a rug on the dance. Please give our man Aaron (and San) a follow! @aaronjames216, @san.wav
We love you ALL! Last week is our final episode of Season 1! Episodes will resume on November 5th!
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