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That's a wrap on SZN 2 baby! At the beginning of SZN 2/Episode 34, Jess and Rach catch up on their weekends per usual. Jess endured the 2022 Cartellone Camping Co-Op and made it out alive. Rach has an interesting wedding dress story that she shares with Jess. The girls also give you their review on Drake's newest album, Honestly Nevermind.
The meat of today's episode is questions you guys submitted for Jess and Rach to answer. They do clarify that they are NOT going to monthly episodes forever, but just for the busy wedding season. We want to give you guys 100% of us, but we cannot do that while drowning with our other jobs. From podcast reminiscing to hopes for the future, this light hearted episode is the perfect way to end Season 2 of FB+W podcast.
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