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Hi there, Hope you are ok wherever you are! Here's some more great trad music to keep you going. Thanks to you all for listening I really appreciate it. If you can help this podcast please support us at

Hunger of the Skin by Brian Finnegan Track - Fathom

Scotland Yet by Hannah Rarity

Wee Smoky by Project Smok

This Ill Deeds by Calum McIlroy Track - Mistress Greig

Dodie’s Dream by Blazin’ Fiddles and The Scottish Folk Orchestra

The Morning Tempest by Josie Duncan and Pablo Lafuente Track - He Fades Away

The Speaking Heart by Lucy Pringle & Chris Wright Track - Rose Song

Celtic Feet by John Rae's Celtic Feet Track - The Napier Stride

Caribou Party by Corner House Track - Easter Sunday

Singers Three by The McCalmans Track - Kirsteen (feat Derek Moffat)

In A Sma Room by Debra Salem, Kevin MacKenzie and Paul Harrison Track - The Earth Abides

Fortunes Road by Back of the Moon Track - Johnny Cope

Fare Well — The Music (Edinburgh's Hogmanay 2020) by Niteworks Track - Fare Well, Pt.3

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