A Conversation About Call Out Culture w/ Evelyn Tribole


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Today we’re re-airing our conversation with THE Evelyn Tribole (!!! literally screaming), co-author of the best selling Intuitive Eating book, which is pretty much our intuitive eating bible. Evelyn is a walking source of knowledge, and we wanted to have a conversation with her about call out culture and cultivating compassion through communication. SO many gems were dropped and this has been one of our favorite episodes!!

In This Episode We’ll Cover:

  • Evelyn’s personal experiences throughout the years with call out culture
  • How social media and the internet has amplified cancel culture
  • Ways that call out culture has manifested in the dietitian community with people disagreeing on the intuitive eating vs weight loss approach
  • The difference between calling out, calling on, and calling in
  • How to develop self preservation and compassion with disagreements & MORE!

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