6: Making Healthier Sugars Tagatose and Allulose - Ed Rogers of Bonumose


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Ed Rogers is the co-founder and CEO of Bonumose, a food ingredient technology company. The company’s patented process was invented by co-founder Dr. Dan Wichelecki and utilizes combinations of natural enzymes to convert plant-based raw materials into low cost, “good sugars” tagatose and allulose, that aim to mimic sucrose (or table sugar) and come with a host of claimed beneficial properties.

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In this interview, we cover:

  • [1:44] What are tagatose and allulose?
  • [14:24] Clinical research behind these sugars.
  • [16:40] How Tagatose and Allulose are made today at a high cost versus Bonumose’s use of enzymes to reduce the cost by more than 10x.
  • [22:18] How Bonumose got started, and the IP behind the company.
  • [34:13] What is needed to scale get broad scale adoption of these novel sugars.
  • [41:45] The case for sustainability in producing sugars this way.
  • [46:56] The suprising thing about food and beverage companies and their lack of confidence in consumers.

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