3: Predicting Crop Yields, Satellite Imagery and Machine Learning with David Potere of TellusLabs


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David Potere is Co-founder and CEO of TellusLabs, a company that combines decades of satellite imagery with machine learning to predict crop yields and help its customers, which range from farmer to hedge fund manager.

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We cover:

  • [02:55] Humble beginnings in satellite imagery from the Navy to Boston Consulting Group.
  • [09:34] The range of problems TellusLabs is solving for its customers.
  • [17:01] TellusLabs products Kernel vs Argus
  • [19:01] Why satellite imagery now.
  • [22:43] Training models with decades of satellite imagery data, discussion of imagery quality.
  • [29:49] USDA approach to forecasting and how TellusLabs differs.
  • [33:40] How approach to yield forecasting in U.S. differs from other countries.
  • [35:11] Yield forecasting in Brazil and LatAm.
  • [40:36] More on how customers are using these solutions, from hedge funds to farmers.
  • [51:52] Market size vs market potential for satellite imagery solutions.
  • [55:36] Lessons learned building TellusLabs.
  • [58:13] Boston startup ecosystem, distributed teams, startup accelerators.

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