38. Hypnosis: The Facts, The Fiction, & The Benefits


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What comes to mind when you think of hypnosis? Some poor fool in a spotlight quacking like a duck who will have no memory of it later in the night? Or guided meditation with a specific outcome in mind? Brooklyn-based hypnosis and regression therapist Daniel Ryan explains the stark contrast between meaningful hypnotherapy and flashy stage show hypnotism and how, as the son of a clinical psychologist trained in hypnotism by the US military in the 1950s, he spent a lifetime learning to spot the differences.

Daniel discusses how hypnotherapy is used not as a magic wand to erase bad habits and memories but as a therapeutic tool to change thinking and behavior. Often misunderstood and misconstrued, hypnotherapy can be used to break bad habits or to overcome personal challenges; Daniel explains how hypnotism leverages pre-existing trance tendencies, not to relinquish a subject’s control, but to help them regain it.

Set out to share his knowledge and help those who want to help themselves, Daniel’s practice helps people address a variety of issues ranging from overcoming general or social anxiety and signs of depression, managing stress at work and the pressures of family, to personal trauma and grief management.

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