Special episode: ComplyAdvantage’s Charlie Delingpole on the regulatory changes needed to stop the UK’s alienation of fintech execs


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Today’s episode is a special one produced in association with ComplyAdvantage, a UK-headquartered technology firm providing global financial services companies with the tools to counteract financial crime.

Today’s guest explains how companies can best use their sanctions compliance processes to gain a competitive advantage and he details what could be done to prevent cryptocurrencies from being used as a sanctions evasion tool. He also outlines how lawmakers and regulators risk alienating new businesses from coming to the UK and the actions they could take to ensure the country’s financial services sector remains globally relevant.

Charlie Delingpole is a former JP Morgan banker turned technology entrepreneur. In 2010, he set up MarketFinance, a corporate financial solutions company which raised $59M in funding before Delingpole’s departure in 2014 to become founder and CEO at ComplyAdvantage.

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