How balancing strategic SEO and thought-leadership content is the sustainable way to grow w/ Andrea Skarica


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“So these were super important milestones that we were able to achieve thanks to this combination of real strategic SEO and really high-quality content, that our sales team had a direct impact on with their advice.”

Hello hello! For episode 78 of the Flying Cat Marketing podcast, we sat down with Andrea Skarica, Growth Marketing Manager at Mixmax, to discuss Mixmax’s collaboration with Flying Cat Marketing, and the results they were able to achieve through combining subject matter expertise with an SEO framework for predictable growth.

Mixmax is a fast-growth sales engagement tool that allows sales professionals to automate and personalize their cold email outreach and win more replies and meetings by turning email from a static experience into a more interactive one.

In this episode, we deep dive into how, through their collaboration with Flying Cat Marketing, Mixmax was able to

  1. Define their tone of voice.
  2. Create enjoyable content their Ideal Customer Profile could relate to.
  3. Increase and improve their SEO profile.
  4. Increase their sales-related keywords.

According to Andrea, “[Mixmax is] ranking on page one for Outreach alternatives, SalesLoft alternatives, and some other [keywords] like email sequence software, even best sales engagement platforms.”

“So when I arrived [to Mixmax,]” says Andrea, “I had quite a small budget, [and I was told] "Okay, so what are you gonna do to improve our growth organically rather than investing in paid?”...I decided; Okay, let's go and build a content strategy backed by SEO."

By collaborating with Mixmax’s own sales team and gathering their Subject Matter Expert advice, we were able to achieve results like a 548% increase in sessions.

Tune in to learn more about combining SEO and thought leadership content can achieve huge results for businesses.

In this episode we talk about:

  • SEO
  • Organic content marketing
  • Subject matter expertise


00:35-04:11 Mixmax and Flying Cat Marketing: Where it all started

04:12-06:10 Building thought leaderships content distributed through SEO and social media

06:11-11:40 What results did Mixmax achieve through organic content marketing?

11:41-13:47 The importance of understanding the ICP pain points

13:48-16:11 Why was nailing down the tone of voice a priority for Mixmax?

16:12-17:49 How to set your sales content apart from competitors

17:50-22:31 How Mixmax and Flying Cat Marketing built a seamless subject matter expert process

22:32-26:25 How to use LinkedIn to connect with your ICP

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