I Won't Let My Business Run Me - Angie Weber


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In April 2021, Angelica Weber opened up her own design firm, Nico Tati Designs. Nico Tati Designs is a full service interior design company specializing in creative and functional space planning. Their ultimate goal is to make the design process, no matter the size, an enjoyable one for each of our clients while delivering superior value and attention to detail.

Delivering on that goal wasn't always easy. We all know the hustle it takes to start a company and the time suck it can become. As an entrepreneur, wife, mother, and her own self, it is easy to put things on the back burner and let them suffer for a while in the name of "it will be worth the sacrifice".

Angie talks about her experience reclaiming her time and making sure her business is there to support her goals instead of supporting her business. Her business has a place but it is not always first. That doesn't mean it is not successful. FInd out how Angie manages it all
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