89. The Consumerization of Legal w/ Kim Bennett


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Do you understand what legal consumers actually want? What level of service they need? What potential clients are afraid of? What can we, as attorneys, learn from other non-legal industries? Our guest this week is Kim Bennett. Kim is the founder of K Bennett Law LLC, a boutique subscription legal services law firm that helps small businesses protect their brands and grow profitable and sustainable 7-figure organizations. We discuss how to get out of the lawyer mindset and look at your practice from the outside. We have a lot to learn from other industries, and the potential for growth is tremendous. We discuss how the legal industry is stuck in a mode where we act as a scolding parent to our confused and petulant clients, instead of anticipating their needs and understanding their concerns. We need to find ways to focus on what the clients are actually looking for and meeting clients where they are, and let that transform our approach to legal services.

Find Kim at https://www.kbennettlaw.com, Atlanta Legal Tech, https://www.fidulegal.com/ or on LinkedIn (https://www.linkedin.com/in/kybennett/) or Twitter (http://twitter.com/kbennettlaw).



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