64. Employee Onboarding for the Modern Law Firm w/ Justie Nicol


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Are you ready to bring on new associates? Great! Now, how do you expect those new employees to know and understand your firm's processes, values, and work culture? You can't just throw them in the ocean and assume their law school knowledge will keep them afloat. That is old-school, 1984-law firm stuff, and we have to be better than that. Modern onboarding practices are all about giving new employees direction, but also giving them agency, and letting them come to conclusions and propose solutions themselves. Yes, it's a little more work on your part, but your firm and the employee will be so well-served by it. Defense attorney and friend of the show, Justie Nicol, is back to give us insight into her innovative onboarding processes, and how we can adapt these ideas into our own unique practices. We'll discuss how to approach client service and firm-values training, and how to balance that with the more obvious operational and law-focused lessons. We'll end on a broader focus on your employee's long-term goals, and why we should let those guide the short-term goals we set together.

Find Justie at https://colawteam.com or on Twitter at https://twitter.com/justie4justice



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