55. Optimizing Your Site for Conversions and Clarity w/ Quinn Zeda


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Is your website god's gift to legal world? Perfect in every way? I'm gonna bet there's at least a *little* room for improvement, if not a lot. You could be leaving a lot of deals on the table, and passing on a ton of revenue by not optimizing your site for conversions. Our guest this week gives us some simple changes and things to consider when designing or redesigning our websites. Quinn Zeda is the founder of Conversion Crimes, a service that does usability testing to help you see and evaluate your website from the client perspective, and how you can improve that communication, clarity, and ultimately, conversions. We discuss the finer points of converting prospective clients into paying ones, and the specific challenges attorneys face, including: Why clients bounce from your site Why putting too much info on your site is a mistake How clients connect with video Even how you can adjust the length of your forms to work as lead qualification

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