Ep 254: Body Dysmorphia and Perspectives in the Fitness Industry with Barb Brodowsky


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Today, we’re sitting down with my dear friend and mentor, Barb Brodowsky. Barb is currently the Chief of Staff at WRKOUT. She is also an international speaker, and master trainer, and has been a thought leader in the fitness industry for over 25 years.

In this episode, she’s uncovering how she’s worked through body dysmorphia and cultivated body respect and body acceptance over the years.

She’s also sharing her perspective on:

  • The challenges that fitness professionals tend to face in terms of body acceptance
  • How the fitness industry tends to praise disordered thoughts/behaviors around food
  • The true metrics of health and wellness (hint: they’re not calories or the number on the scale!)

Lastly, she’s sharing her best tips for anyone who is struggling to learn to love their body or even just start to feel neutral towards it.

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