Ep 251: The Power of Breathing with Davi Brown from Breathwrk


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How much thought do you put into the way that you breathe?

Maybe it’s easy for you to pause and get intentional with your breathing at a yoga class but when it comes to meditating solo, you just can’t stay focused.

Whether you’re looking for better sleep, anxiety relief, or to boost your mood or energy, you’re in for a treat with today’s episode!

Today, we’re sitting down with Davi Brown a certified breathwork instructor and content manager at Breathwrk, an app that features science-backed breathing exercises and classes.

Listen in as she uncovers the countless benefits of incorporating breathwork into your day-to-day life, and how the Breathwrk app can help you get started, even in small pockets of time.

She’s also sharing techniques that will help you start reaping the benefits of intentional breathing today. Stick around until the end as she walks us through a breathing exercise that will help melt your stress away in just 4-minutes!

Connect with Davi:

Get the Breathwrk App | https://apps.apple.com/us/app/breathwrk-breathing-exercises/id1481804500

Email | davi@breathwrk.com

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