Ep 247: Resiliency with Lyndy Barnard


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It’s no wonder that when adopting something new and foreign like intuitive eating, most of us stumble and at some point feel the pull to go back to dieting behaviors that feel normal, especially during challenging seasons of life. So, the question that remains is, after hitting a road bump, how do you recover and keep striving to heal your relationship with food and your body? The answer lies in one concept – resiliency.

That’s why today, I’m bringing Lyndy Barnard, LCSW on the show to break down how you can cultivate more body image resilience.

As a mental health therapist, Lyndy has expertise in anxiety, depression, trauma, shame, self-esteem issues, and women's issues. Lyndy has worked with women throughout her career. Her passion for helping women improve their self-worth, confidence, and body image stems from both her personal and professional experience.

In this episode, Lyndy shares everything from the 4 pillars of building resiliency to red and green flags to watch out for when selecting a mental health provider to support you on your non-diet journey.

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