Parasitic Insect Behavior and the Wondrous World of Cicadas and how They Can Change the World - Samuel Ramsey Shares His Insight


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You may be familiar with cicadas but are you aware of the vast impact they have on the environment. A cicada emergence can leave lasting effects on the world around them. Press play to learn:

  • What years cicadas emerge
  • Why cicadas live most of their life underground
  • What Samuel Ramsey plans on studying next

Samuel Ramsey, founder and director of the Ramsey Research Foundation, joins the podcast to discuss his research regarding parasitic insects and the wondrous world of cicadas.

While many refer to them as locusts, there is much that distinguishes cicadas, and they have a vast benefit on the world around them. Unlike what we may have previously believed, cicadas bring benefits that can have favorable effects on crops and the ecosystem they emerge in.

From having a boon on growth and providing vast energy sources for animals across the ecosystem, the 13 and 17-year broods can have an incredible impact. By studying emergence patterns and the lifespans of cicadas, information can be gleaned on many natural systems.

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