Is The World We See Actually Real? | Quantifying Reality With Dr. Wolfgang Smith


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What does it mean to have a metaphysical understanding of the world around us? Dr. Wolfgang Smith, a mathematician, physicist, philosopher of science, and metaphysician, joins the podcast to discuss this intriguing topic and others like it…

Born in 1930, Dr. Smith has seen the world of physics develop and change before his very eyes. Not only has he personally met the great Albert Einstein himself, but Dr. Smith has also contributed a plethora of important theories to the scientific community over the years…

Jump in and you’ll discover:

  • How the field of physics has developed over the years.
  • Why we may be approaching the end of an era in the field of physics.
  • What scientism is, and how Dr. Smith defines it.
  • The difference between the corporeal world and the physical world.

From authoring books such as The Quantum Enigma: Finding the Hidden Key to contributing to scientific documentaries, Dr. Smith has certainly been a prolific researcher. Join the conversation now to hear his unique perspective on philosophy and scientific thought!

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