Cellular Oxygen Deficiency and how the Cellular Microbiome Plays a Role in Cancer Formation with Charley Lineweaver


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What do space and cancer have in common? Using principles found in physical biology, a new understanding of cancer behavior is beginning to be seen. Listen in to learn:

  • How an atavism plays a role in cancer
  • The meaning of the Hayflick limit
  • What sets cancer cells apart

Charley Lineweaver, an Associate Professor at The Australian National University, shares his research overlap between the cellular biology of cancer and its development.

One of the most fundamental understandings surrounding cancer is its limit of origin at no further than after single cells began to split. Since cancer requires multiple cells to survive and thrive, this means that single cells become part of the mystery in solving the origin of cancer.

By targeting new features of cancer, new targets open for researchers to study in an attempt to thwart the cell. This is part of the atavistic model, which relies on the reversion of the cell.

Visit https://www.mso.anu.edu.au/~charley/ for more information.

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