Carcinogenesis Pathology and the Carcinogenic Conditions that can Affect Cancer Diagnosis and Therapeutics with James DeGregori


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Is cancer its own separate organism? While we believe that it may not be most of the time, some instances of contagious cancer variants do not die with the host. Listen in to learn:

  • How cancers may first arise
  • Why metastatic sites hold vital clues to begin understanding metastasis
  • How to backtrack a tumor to see how it may have formed

Courtenay C. and Lucy Patten Davis Endowed Chair in Lung Cancer Research, James DeGregori, shares his expertise on various forms of cancer and the theoretical questions of the future.

Many people think that random mutations may be the root cause of many forms of cancer. However, new research disputes this, and specialists have begun on a new research path of carcinogens and their effects on the body. While they may cause a higher rate of mutations in the area they affect, carcinogens seem to have many other impacts as well.

The critical component of the speculation surrounding cancer is the "why?" of the developing tumors in specific areas that may not be favorable for it. By determining the traits present in particular cells where the tumor began, the genetics can be deciphered, providing a complete image of cancer's development.

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