Behavioral Management to Assist in Managing Mood and Anxiety Issues with Mood Therapy with Samina Ahmed


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Why can giving mood support in serious medical situations make a significant difference? By providing support to patients, it may lead to more long-lasting treatment success. Listen in to learn:

  • How a behavioral psychologist helps during medical crises
  • Why more treatment centers do not have embedded mental health support
  • How the field can be innovated from the inside

Samina Ahmed, an Assistant Professor at the CWRU School of Medicine, shares her work assisting patients in finding mental peace and clarity while facing challenging situations.

Since many medical conditions and situations offer many patients a challenging pill to swallow, their mental health is prone to decline. However, using behavioral psychologists within treatment centers, patients are able to find effective strategies to find peace, leading to greater medical success.

However, this field tends to lag behind more quantifiable healthcare. By innovating in the area, the care can be spread to more patients and more accessible in the long term.

Research local psychological support in your area to find a provider near you!

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