The Origin of Cancer Growth and the Path to Proliferation - An In-Depth Conversation with Adrienne Scheck


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When does cancer in the body reach a threshold at which it becomes an entity, and what causes it? New research shows that cancer may be a latent part of us already and only becomes hazardous after proliferation. Press play to learn:

  • How cell types can help each other grow
  • If chemotherapy promotes genetic mutation
  • The point of origin in a tumor

Adrienne Scheck, an Adjunct Professor at Arizona State University, joins the conversation to share her insight into the field of cancer growth.

Each type of cell that comprises or benefits the growth of a tumor has differing preferences for its ideal microbiome. Whether they be slow or fast-growing, the different types of cells require different therapeutic techniques, even depending upon the area of the body.

The heterogeneity inherent in tumor cells is the culprit for making it so difficult to treat. Due to the fast-growing nature, the level of adaptability and refresh of cells makes an effective treatment hard to pin down.

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