The Hard Part About Hard Seltzers: Founder Wisdom #050 - Holly Paul & Chris Tran


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Financial manager Chris Tran always knew he’d create something; however, despite her obvious creativity, data analyst Holly Paul never thought she’d be a founder. Working at a serial founder’s startup ignited Holly’s nascent entrepreneurial spirit and she decided to let one of her many ideas take flight. Business partners Holly and Chris wanted their product to incorporate classic Asian flavors from their childhoods, but struggled to find their ideal niche in the capital heavy food and beverage industry. Tired of hitting dead ends they decided to unwind with some alcoholic sodas, then inspiration struck. After cold calling contract packagers, crunching data and making huge personal investments they launched their hard seltzer line, Mizo. They’re on a journey to carve out a place for their vision in a saturated market and diversify mainstream American food and culture.


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