223: What To Do If You Really Want a Diverse and Inclusive Workplace, with Fields Jackson, Jr.


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“If you’re talking to the same people, you are going to get the same answer. If you’ve got the same people in the room, I guarantee you you’re going to get the same answer [about diversity].” - Fields Jackson, Jr.

When people are held accountable for budgets, sales, etc., you clearly see who can measure up. When a leader is held accountable for any type of diversity measurement and metric, the same clear picture emerges. The only difference is that so few have been held accountable for diversity - until now. Today’s Finding Brave expert guest pulls back the curtain on what leaders and organizations have to start doing right now if they are truly committed to building a diverse and inclusive workplace.

​​Fields Jackson, Jr. is the Founder and CEO and Chief Cheerleader of Racing Toward Diversity Magazine, and adjunct professor, teaching Principles of Business at Shaw University. He also teaches at South Carolina State, Southern University, and is the former Executive Director of the HBCU Business Dean's Round-table.

Fields has been recognized by Diversity Best Practices as one of the Top Diversity Thought Leaders on Twitter, and has been identified by Onalytica, of London, England as #13 of the top 100 global influencers focusing on Gender Equality and Diversity.

I’m so grateful for Fields' deeply honest sharing and candid views about diversity and how we build more diverse cultures starting today. His approach makes the work of creating and sustaining a diverse and inclusive workplace simple, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy. As we discuss, the effort generates tremendous opportunities and transformation, and by following what he shares in this episode, I am confident that you too can move the needle in your workplace, towards greater inclusion.

To learn more about today's guest, visit: https://www.racingtowarddiversity.com/

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