209: Holiday Pick: How to Tell a Riveting True Story About Who You Are and Why That Matters, with Tony Vlahos


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“Feeling connection is the same whether I’m in front of an audience with a guitar, or behind a desk talking to someone about what they’ve done the last 40 years. As a corporate executive, you have to connect with people and then pick up that thread and pass it along to someone else.” - Tony Vlahos

As we have just celebrated the holidays and are beginning another chapter in a brand new year, once again I’ll be sharing my “Holiday Picks” selections, featuring some of the top Finding Brave episodes that have previously aired, to help you have even more bravery and motivation to pursue your most exciting goals in 2022.

Today we look back on a powerful episode from October 2019, where our guest revealed how your personal story and the difference that you can make with it is something that can set you apart from others. He also shared the way that storytelling your career can be your secret competitive advantage, and how stand-out brands and the compelling stories those brands communicate are deeply connected to each other. And he reveals the components of a riveting story that you can use to craft your story and growing your own brand today.

Tony Vlahos is the Chief Storyteller and Head of Brand and Partnerships (aka CMO) of ExecuNet, one of the most trusted brands in senior-level executive job search and a premier destination for high performers who want to stay on top of their game in the world of work, as leaders, and as a matter of wellbeing.

Since Tony joined the company in 2007, membership has grown exponentially, through meaningful marketing stories that capture attention, entertain, enlighten, and persuade all in the course of just a few minutes. The past several years the ExecuNet brand has also come to be known as the Storytelling Capital for Individual Executives seeking compelling ways to set themselves apart in the corporate world and achieve greater results in their careers and in business.

The impactful strategies that Tony presents here will change how you talk about yourself, and allow you to more fully embrace and value all of who you are, which will be the quickest path to your ultimate success.

To learn more about today's guest, visit: https://www.execunet.com/

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