Abortion, Infertility, and Finding Pleasure After Loss With Kate Carson


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If you are seeking to find peace surrounding an abortion, infertility, or the loss of a baby, then you're going to need to listen to this week’s podcast with Kate Carson.

As a teacher, a scientist, and a chemical engineer, as well as a sex and relationship coach, an activist for abortion rights, and a mom, Kate is a multi-faceted woman with a powerful story. Through her work, Kate is helping other women to find connection around taboo topics as well as find healing and pleasure again after an abortion or babyloss. Kate also works closely with moms, dads, and couples at the Ending A Wanted Pregnancy support group, a babyloss community.

In today’s episode, Kate will share with you her own story of losing her baby, Laurel, why she, personally, uses the term “abortion” instead of ”termination” when referring to her decision to terminate her pregnancy, and why she’s so passionate about the work that she does.

Kate also shares ways to protect yourself and ask for help post-loss, how to make peace with your body post-loss, and how to begin to find pleasure again.

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