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I have some big news…

I am now a British citizen!

In honor of finally getting my UK passport, and therefore completing this long journey to citizenship, I am releasing my UK FIRE episode.

Barney, from The Escape Artist, joined me in my Edinburgh apartment (before the pandemic) to discuss all things related to financial independence and early retirement in the UK.

Hope you enjoy it!


  • The cultural differences between US/UK that affect pursuing FI
  • How to escape from the prison we create for ourselves
  • Translating US investing terminology to the UK (e.g. 401k→pension, IRA→ISA, etc.)
  • Is it easier to reach FI in the US or UK
  • Class structure in UK and how pursuing FI forces you to traverse all classes
  • Why FIRE isn’t bigger in the UK
  • Difference between the different types of ISAs
  • Is tax hacking possible in the UK
  • Real-estate investing in the United Kingdom and the fantastic Rent-a-Room scheme
  • How to use geographic arbitrage to reach FI sooner

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