How To Achieve Any Goal


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  • How gratitude can change your perspective.
  • Learning from your setbacks and making a new choice as you move forward.
  • Being in the "flow state" and how life works FOR you.
  • How to achieve ANY goal with a business plan and taking action
  • Don't wait until it's all perfect, because it will NEVER be perfect. Start today!
  • Your discipline will inspire the people around you. Be you! Be disciplined with your goals.
  • If you're trying to create a new habit, track your progress daily.
  • Stop putting off your start date. Start today.
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HOST: Liz Nierzwicki is a powerful motivational force. Liz used her struggles to build a life she really wanted and now she gives back via her podcasts and newsletters. Liz is a wealth management advisor and international bestselling author, speaker and founder of the figureFIT! Lifestyle Program and former Founder of Solace Yoga Studio, Solace Yoga School. Through appearances on podcasts, speaking engagements, and TV, Liz reminds us that we are “called to” shine bright and serve the highest calling of our most evolved SELF.

CO-HOST: Vince Trifiletti is Liz's one and only son. He's a new entrepreneur currently working on his first startup called VGT Media and also a licensed real estate agent, model and cat dad.

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