#139 Winter Immune System Essentials


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I just released the figureFIT Lifestyle Coaching Podcast Episode #139: Winter Immune System Essentials... or if you don't have iTunes, you can listen right from my website: LizNierzwicki.com

Mentioned in the podcast is the figureFIT Gut Reset Protocol that will help you heal your gut and repopulate your gut with beneficial bacteria AFTER you take probiotics. This protocol should be followed anytime you come off antibiotics. This protocol is also followed for those who have chronic sickness or auto-immune disorders. The Gut Reset Protocol is a PRE-nutritional protocol for the 30-Day Digestive Heath Reset.

Get The Protocol

As promised in the podcast here are the relevant links to products mentioned in the podcast. I am not sponsored by these companies, these are simply products that I have purchased on my own. I'd recommend doing your own research to determine what products will suit you and your lifestyle best.

Vitamin D3
Sambucol = Elderberry
Eucalyptus Oil

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