#103 Inspiration Monday: Week 8/12


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Hi Loves...

How is your Monday going?

Have you joined the figureFIT Spiritual Warrior community on this 12-week mission?

If not, it's not too late. We're in week 8 but you can start here and go back at any time and do the weeks prior.

It's POWERFUL to do a week-long intention and focus your mind and energy towards it - all people in your life benefit.

Lots of love,
~Liz Nierzwicki

Host Liz Nierzwicki is an international best selling author and trained expert in the entire human vessel: body, mind, and soul with over 30 year experience teaching anatomy of movement, muscles, anatomy, exercise & nutrition science, physiology, as well as the psychology of breaking bad habits, thought systems, metaphysics, yoga philosophy, and entrepreneurship. Liz Nierzwicki is a global motivational & spiritual speaker who teaches consciousness and creating a "Heavenly Mind" that allows you to have inner peace. Liz teaches you how to transcend beyond the unconscious programs of your mind, break bad habits and addictions while up-leveling your life experience to create the life that your soul came here to live.

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