086: Less "Healthy" Post Pandemic? Is It Because of Weight Gain?


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“Before the pandemic, I could run 50 marathons in a day and now I have put on 2 lbs and can only run 49 marathons in a day and so it is 100% down to my weight and not because I haven’t run in the last 18 months!” - I’ve been seeing sentiments like this allllll over the internetwebs.com, of course not that extreme, but you get the gist.

People’s health has changed since the pandemic started and collectively we are blaming it on weight gain or a change in what we eat and are not looking at it with nuance.

So, lemme break it down for ya. Also! Are you anxious about being judged by people you haven’t seen in a while? Let’s talk about that too!

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Katherine Flegal - The “ob*sity” wars and the education of a researcher: A personal account - PubMed: https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/34139265/

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