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Join me for the first episode in March’s conception series! Discover how to utilize fertility awareness to improve your chances of conceiving naturally when you’re ready.

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Topics discussed in today's episode:
  • The importance of having healthy sperm, healthy eggs, healthy cervical mucus and a healthy body in order for conception to occur
  • Why women need to remember that fertility issues are not always their fault, but can sometimes fall on their partner
  • How you can mess up your chances of conception by relying on rhythm method thinking
  • Why it’s so important to get your timing right when trying to conceive
  • Why cervical mucus is so important in the conception process
  • The vast majority of sperm that men produce are abnormal even from the healthiest men
  • How the best days to have sex when trying to conceive are when you have cervical mucus
  • How ovulation kits can possibly hurt your chances of conception
  • Why your change in temperature does not predict ovulation
  • How the pill is a temporary bandaid for menstrual problems and how that can affect your cycle when you get off of it to try and conceive
  • The average time it takes for your body to normalize after coming off the pill
  • How much sperm is optimal for natural conception
  • What makes up an optimal sperm analysis
  • Lifestyle changes and nutrient supplements that can improve sperm quality
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