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Discover why low-fat diets are terrible for both testosterone and sperm production in men in today’s episode with Joe Whittaker.

Joe Whittaker is a clinical nutritionist and researcher. He holds a master's degree in Nutritional Therapy, from the University of Worcester. His research has been published in top academic journals, and widely covered by the media. His academic research is focused on men's health, particularly testosterone and sperm health. He also runs a private clinic in the UK, and has helped a variety of clients improve their health and well being.

Link to his research study: Low-fat diets and testosterone in men: Systematic review and meta-analysis of intervention studies ~

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Topics discussed in today's episode:
  • How nutrition relates to sperm health and testosterone production

  • What men can do to support their testosterone and sperm health

  • Joe’s background and what led home to focus on men’s health

  • How calorie restriction effects men

  • How men and women’s bodies are affected differently by intermittent fasting

  • Insight on Joe’s research study

  • Correlation between men’s testosterone production and sperm production

  • What does testosterone decline

  • What can men do to combat a decline in their testosterone

  • What are the micronutrients that are key to men’s health

  • Why would a vegetarian and vegan diet not be optimal for reproduction

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