Where founders go wrong, Tips for bootstrapped small business owners & When to hire an agency with Tash Todd Williams, Word Of Mouth Collective (part1)


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Today we’re mixing things up and learning from Tash Todd Williams, founder of digital marketing agency Word of Mouth Collective.

I’ve known Tash for circa 10 years now and have had the absolute pleasure of watching her journey from launching a fashion publication that she exited before she was 24, to today running a successful digital agency with a special love for female founders and entrepreneurs. Today she’s coming on to share part of that journey and a bunch of interesting tips and advice for early-stage bootstrapped founders including where she sees a lot of small businesses go wrong, the challenges that founders have in today’s landscape post iOS apple updates when it comes paid marketing and when a small business owner should actually be looking to engage an agency.

One thing we often hear on the podcast is that founders regret having spent on an agency too early on in their journey. In this episode, we explore the best time for bootstrapped founders to actually make this move and start working with an agency. At which stage in the journey it would pay off. And this is all about looking at tipping points of scale. There’s one scenario where you’ve just raised and you have a lot of capital so that’s totally separate. When you have strong KPIs to reach and the capital to get there, it makes a lot of sense to hire an agency. It's not these founders, but rather the bootstrapped founders we often hear about regretting investing in an agency early on. At this point, it becomes more about which stage of business you will be ready. If you’re running lean and doing this alone, you can come to a tipping point where you do not have the time and resources to upskill yourself and you have too many moving parts in the business. This would be the point to consider outsourcing to an agency. As Tash says, they're not in the business to bankrupt anybody. Audit yourself, audit where the business is at, and based on that draw conclusions if this actually makes sense for you.

So many gems in here, I know you’re going to love her!

And btw, are we friends on TikTok? I’m having so much fun on that platform, Id love to connect and see what you’re creating on there too. Find me at @dooneroisin in all the places.


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