116. Autism + Neurodiversity


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Ella and I are autistic. We talk about being HIGHLY sensitive, masking, autistic burnout, neurodivergent shame, and getting a diagnosis.

We also discuss: the shortcomings of the western medical system; turning off ALL emotions as a response to having big feelings; special interests; the gap between logic and heart; queer and spiritual; O.C.D., G.A.D., & major depression; BPD and not identifying with past diagnoses; understanding and respecting your own needs and boundaries; fear of taking up too much space; clear, direct communication;

PLUS, Gaby, Dagenson and I chat about feeling scared and believing in our selves AND I rant about the humyn species and how confusing they/we are!

Recorded June 15 & Oct 17/18, 2021.

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