(BONUS) Why I question the concept of "Mental Illness" (and the Western Medical Industry as a whole) (audio journal)


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In which I discuss WHY I believe that framing my neurodiverse brain and the way I experience the world as a DISORDER, a disability and/or a PROBLEM which NEEDS to BE FIXed is only ONE way to frame it (and is potentially very limiting and dangerous).

I discuss: decolonization begins within (how I treat my self and my parts) (decolonizing the self); unlearning and questioning the colonial capitalist mindset; reconnecting my parts; learning love and compassion; CURIOSITY as the polar opposite of shame; and SO much more!

This was recorded in response to a listener asking for clarity on what I said about "mental illness is a deep disconnection from the self" in a past audio journal.

Recorded May 23, 2021.

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