109. Unlocking Your MEAT Prison?


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Christina Jumper (Pickles and Vodka podcast) and I question REALITY, spirituality/Christianity, Brene Brown & celebrity WHILE also wondering "is riding a motorcycle meditation for people who need danger to feel safe??"

CW: BRIEF mention of suicide.

We also discuss: IS THIS A SIMULATION?; TAKING UP sssspppaaaaaccceeee; meditation or "I HATE SITTING STILL!"; RIDING motorcycles and loving it; bulimia; cannabis & psychedelics; learning to DANCE again!; reconnecting to the heart; the damage done by capitalism & religion; being KIND to the self; CYNICISM!; intellectualization as a defense; "celebrities are lost"; self-censorship; reparenting the inner child; believing there is something EVIL inside me; embracing PLAY; taking life less & more seriously; UNLOCKING the door to the meat prison & transforming it into a MEAT palace; and SO much more!

Christina's IG: @picklesandvodkapodcast

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