Good News: The World Is Ending


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Before they jet set off to Vegas to be roommates at a Twitch event, Will and Hasan kick things off with some friendly banter of Shameful Sex and their mothers. They talk about their week, Will getting more and more famous, and Hasan’s weird diet. Unfortunately, according to Hasan, all the news this week is super depressing, the world is coming to an end, and there is no good news to share other than the Jets beat the Bangals. Climate change studies prove that the world will soon have unlivable countries, that will lead to mass migrations, NFT’s are a waste of money, the Infrastructure Bill is at a standstill, and Elon Musk may give the UN $6 billion if they can clearly show him a business plan (or at least step by step instructions) on how exactly that will end world hunger.

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