9: Endgame - Jody DiPerna


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This week, journalist and co-founder of the Pittsburgh Institute for Nonprofit Journalism, Jody DiPerna (@JodyDiPerna) is here to discuss my favorite play by one of my favorite writers, ENDGAME by Samuel Beckett.

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We are in a singular room with four characters: Hamm, who is blind and in a wheeled chair; Clov, his servant who cannot sit down; Nagg, a man in an ash bin and Hamm's father; and Nell, Nagg's wife who is also in a trash bin. They discuss that there is no other life on earth beyond the room. At some point, Nell dies. That's it. That's the whole play.

For an article on Samuel Beckett's work with the French Résistance, read this: https://forward.com/culture/144905/samuel-becketts-letters-reveal-roots-of-resistance/

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